about us

Our company develops electronic assemblies / devices for many areas.
We develop embedded software for electronic devices ourselves, if a microcontroller is available.
These include e.g. ARM, AVR, PIC, 8051 and many others. We still maintain older systems with the Z8, Z80 and C167 to this day.
Numerous tools are available to us for embedded software development (compilers, emulators, JTAG debuggers, analyzers, etc.).

We do not produce ourselves, but commission EMS service providers to do it.
Electronic components that are offered here in our shop are mostly overstock from production or development.

The kits offered here are mostly the result of the development of additional tools. What remains are offered here in small numbers.

The range of electronic components in our shop can certainly not be compared with others.
Nevertheless, we hope that you will find interesting components in our shop that are of interest for your own development.