Shipping & payment conditions

Payment terms:

EU / Worldwide:
Paypal, Credit card, Amazon pay, Bank Transfer (EU)

Shipping Germany:
We ship throughout Germany up to 2Kg for € 4.99, and beyond that for a flat rate of € 5.99 regardless of the value of the goods. From a value of 70,00 EUR the shipping is free.

Free shipping EUR:
From a value of 100.00 €, the shipping to all EU countries (except Germany) is free.

Shipping according to value of goods Germany wide:
You have the option of selecting this shipping method according to the value of the goods.

Goods worth up    19,99  €   Shipping costs  3,45 €  ( Warenpost ) Shipping time up to 10 days

Each customer has the option to order goods by EMAIL / FAX and to request other shipping options.
Especially with few articles and little value, the possibility is cost-saving. By EMAIL please use  ""
We deliver to private and to companies.

Shipping goods post EU:
to 0.5 kg - 7,20 . ( with tracking function Shipping time up to 10days )
to 1.0 Kg - 11.13 . ( with tracking function Shipping time up to 10days )

Shipping goods post  International:
to 0.5 kg - 6,05 . ( ~ $6,70 ) ( with tracking function Shipping time up to 10days)
to 1.0 Kg - 9.35 . ( ~ $10,43 ) ( with tracking function Shipping time up to 10days )

Shipping packages internationally with Hermes: Shipping time up to 15 days

We also ship to the following countries with Hermes from 11,25 €.
We only deliver with DHL or goods mail (Germany Post) ( 7,20 € 8 days, DHL Parcel 13,99 € 5 days )

Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom (3), Italy (3), Ireland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Monaco,
Netherlands (3), Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Denmark (3), Finland (3), France (3), Portugal (3), Sweden, Spain (3)

(3) France, United Kingdom, Netherlands except overseas territories; Italy except Campione d'Italia,
Livigno, San Marino, Vatican City; Denmark except Faroe Islands, Greenland; Finland except Åland;
Portugal except Azores, Madeira; Spain except Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla.

Deliveries to non-EU countries incur additional duties and fees. For more information, see, for example